Turbo Charge Your Career with Your Sensitivity

Highly sensitive people frequently view themselves as weak links in the workplace. That does not have to be the case.

HSPs bring to the table traits and skills that can set them apart and make them the powerhouses of the professional world. If you have found yourself struggling due to your heightened sensitivity, continue reading to see how you can excel.

  1. Communicate

As an HSP, you most likely pick up on emotional cues that others miss. Be it reading someone’s body language or the general emotion of a room, you are attuned to that. Being able to key into other’s emotions will allow you to better communicate with them and get what you and they need out of the conversation.

  1. Looking for the Missing Pieces

With your ability to pick up on the cues that others miss, you will be the first and maybe the only person to pick up on information that doesn’t add up. This could be a missing line in a business deal or when interviewing individuals for a position. If something doesn’t sit right with you, speak up.

  1. Teamwork

Your ability to communicate and find the missing piece also means that you will be exceptional at teamwork and leading. You have the ability to see and hear what others need from you as a leader. This is a skill that many leaders lack. You will also be an ideal candidate to look over contracts, do a double check of projects, and make sure all requirements are being met.

  1. Problem Solve

You may not view yourself as a problem solver, but you do have the ability as an HSP. Most people who are highly sensitive are also creative. Channel that creativity into the ability to think outside the box on big problems. 

  1. Prepare

Prepare for situations that are triggering for you. In doing this, you are preparing not only to make it through the situation emotionally but also in the basic sense of being prepared for a meeting. Preparation is never to be underestimated. 

Living in a world that is not geared in favor of highly sensitive people can be a challenge. We live in a society that praises the busy, the burned out, and the stressed out. You live in a body and mind that craves the calm, the rejuvenated, and the prepared.

Use your disposition to your advantage and take your career in your own hands and mind.