Super Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People

So, you’re a highly sensitive person. You probably know all about taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally, right? But do you know that you need to take care of yourself physically as well?

Your physical well being is directly tied to your mental and emotional welfare. This doesn’t just mean eating your fruits and veggies. Taking care of yourself physically plays a major role in balancing your life as an HSP. Use these three tips for developing more physical wellness for yourself.

  1. “Busy” Isn’t a Way of Life

We have all heard this recently. Busy is the new “I’m good.” As if being busy means we are being productive, useful, and helpful. This is not the truth. Do you need to stop multitasking? You know it kills your productivity, right?

Maybe you need to take a night off that second side hustle. Maybe you just need to plan a day to do nothing but sit and read. Whatever your slowdown is, do it. Everyone, even those who are not HSPs, need to slow down and take care.

Being “busy” is not only physically exhausting, but it can also be a burden on your already sensitive emotions and mentality. This can begin to impede on what little downtime you have as well as your sleep.

  1. Get Out

Often time’s highly sensitive people prefer to spend their downtime at home, sometimes alone. That is all well and good, but everyone needs socialization. Try to find other HSPs that you can spend a refreshing Friday night with.

This may be a night in, or an evening at a coffee shop chatting about your week. Socialization is part of human nature, but it may take time to find your tribe.

  1. Advocate

Only you can stand up for yourself. You must advocate on multiple levels as an HSP. First, you must advocate by simply doing your best to take care of yourself. Slow down, socialize, eat your fruits and veggies, drink water, and get eight hours of sleep!

However, you must also advocate for what is best for you. This can be going to your supervisor with an issue at work or asking for a second opinion on a medical diagnosis. You know your mind and your body, and only you can stand up for yourself.

Wellness tips and self-care often go hand in hand. Sometimes what is doing best for ourselves is doing something we do not want to do. However, we all need to take care of ourselves.