Could Meditation Have Practical Benefits for You?

Meditation is a practice that many people overlook as being “woo-woo” or “hippie-dippy.” The truth of the matter is that meditation offers a myriad of benefits for everyone. For highly sensitive people (HSPs), the benefits can build upon one another with lasting results.

One of the most essential things HSPs need is plenty of inner quiet. However, it can be hard to find when your brain is continuously pouring over all the data you collect daily. Basically, highly sensitive people need to give their brain a break every day. Meditation is the best way to achieve this.

  1. Meditation Allows Us to Disengage from Our Thoughts

This is important to HSPs because it enables us to step away from our stress and the triggers that cause that stress. HSPs struggle with a great deal of internal pressure due to the way their brains pull in stimuli from all directions and try to make sense of it all. Stepping away from tension or overthinking allows HSPs to be able to see situations and problems from a new, holistic perspective.

  1. Meditation Helps Us Pause Overthinking

HSPs experience entrenched thought tracks that keep us stuck in overthinking. Like ruts in a road, we can’t easily pull our minds out of the grooves once we get caught up in them. Yet, when this narrow-minded thought loop is paused, there is more space available to see new options we hadn’t seen before. HSPs need this capacity to stop and let go of too much rumination on a problem so we can open up to see the bigger picture. This allows new ideas and opportunities to form so we can deal with the issue with less stress and more ease.

  1. Meditation Permits Us to Witness Our Emotions

Before all the thinking begins, there is an emotional response. Because HSPs experience emotions so profoundly, we easily get caught up in waves of them. Practicing meditation permits us to step back and simply observe our feelings without engaging with them. This frees us up to work through overpowering feelings with more comfort. 

  1. Meditation Opens Our Creativity Channel

As HSPs, when we open ourselves to new viewpoints, we can also access areas of our own minds that previously were blocked off. Accessing these creative areas of our minds allows us to find talents and abilities that we didn’t know we possessed. Suddenly, we have access to creative problem-solving and ways of communicating that will make living in this busy, noisy world easier for us as HSPs.

Meditation has a cascading effect. The more you practice, the better you will become, and the more you will be able to hone your skill and be able to utilize meditation and your own abilities that you find throughout the process.