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Celebrate Being a Highly Sensitive Person – It’s Your Superpower!

Has someone ever called you “sensitive,” and it felt like an insult? As a highly sensitive person (HSP) myself, this has happened to me many times. It can feel as if the other person doesn’t understand what you’re feeling, or doesn’t see the depth of a situation the same way you do. Seeing the world from the eyes of an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) can be challenging, frustrating, and sometimes lonely. But being highly sensitive gives us many skills that can set us apart from the “average person” and can be our superpower!

  1. You Can Enjoy Being Alone Sometimes

As an HSP, you enjoy spending time by yourself. This means you do not spend time and money chasing individuals and things as means of distraction. In doing this, you save your energy and happiness for the things and people that really matter.

  1. You Take Your Time

Taking your time in all things is important. It allows you to pace yourself, measure how far you have come, and reevaluate if necessary. Too many people jump in with both feet and give it their all, only to find out the finish line is another ten miles away. But you are not that person. You reach the finish line in due time and without being exhausted.

  1. You Take It All In

As someone who is aware of those around you, you can gauge other’s emotions and temperaments without reacting outwardly to them. Instead, you remain calm and levelheaded.

  1. You See the Truth

Being a judge of true character is a skill that many never learn. It includes taking in every aspect of a person: the words they speak, their body language, and their aura. Many people are not attuned enough with themselves to notice the cues, let alone listen to their own response to the person. As an HSP, you are more equipped to read people for who they really are.

  1. You’re Not a Good Multi-tasker

Multitasking, as recent studies have shown, is not all that great. In fact, multitasking overstimulates the body and decreases productivity across the board. As someone who is acutely aware of your energy output, you have most likely already realized that you cannot and should not multitask.

  1. Your Imagination Is Magnificent

Being someone that is used to seeking refuge from the overstimulation in the world, you have most likely come to rely on your own imagination in your times of solitude. Your imagination is one of your strongest tools. It can be used for problem-solving in everyday situations.

  1. You’re Considerate of Other People

Being aware of your own emotions, you are most likely considerate of the emotions and stressors of others. This consideration gives you the ability to make others more comfortable.

  1. You Can Read Between the Lines

Reading between the lines is another skill that does not come easily to many. As an HSP, you can read the emotions of a room and understand what someone means based on more than the words they are saying. No matter the situation, you are attuned to your own body and emotions as well as others, giving you the upper hand in most situations.

The next time someone calls you sensitive, tell them “thank you,” because you know that your sensitivity is really your superpower.