Donna BaintonHi, I’m Donna Bainton. I’m the founder, primary product creator, and Chief HSP here at Inner Wisdom Publishing!

After decades of private practice as a Naturopath, I’m now enjoying life on the internet. To be honest, the lack of “hands-on, face-to-face” contact with my patients and clients took some getting used to. But now I serve Highly Sensitive Adults and Children worldwide! What a great time to be alive!

My goal with Inner Wisdom Publishing is to gather creative, innovative resources to serve HSP’s in our daily lives. Everything from thought-provoking journals and planners, to insightful blog articles to make life easier for Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s) of all ages.

Please visit my “Free Samples” page and download as many samples as you want. You’ll find printable lesson pages for homeschooling, print-at-home journal and planner pages, and lots of inspirational/motivational prints for your home and family. Browse around, choose the ones that resonate with you, and have fun!

Thanks for checking out Inner Wisdom Publishing, the premier online resource center for Highly Sensitive Adults and Children.

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